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8 Advantages of DreamScape Repositionable Wall+Floor Wraps

DreamScape Wall+Floor Wraps offer high-performance solutions for wall graphics and short-term floor signage with self-adhesive applications. Here are the key benefits that set them apart from typical self-adhesive vinyls:

  1. Removable and Repositionable

    • Durable, long-lasting adhesive that forms a strong bond with most smooth surfaces.

    • Microspheric adhesive chemistry prevents damage to drywall, allowing for multiple applications without losing sticking power.

  2. Thick 3-Ply Construction

    • At 10-13 mils thick, our wraps are more than twice as thick as most other vinyls (3-6 mils).

    • The triple-layer construction (vinyl-fabric-vinyl) adds durability, helps hide wall imperfections, and makes removal easier without tearing.

  3. Designed for Short-Term Use, but Long-Lasting

    • Suitable for permanent wall applications while being easy to remove when needed.

  4. Unique Textures

    • Available in beautiful textures that hide minor wall imperfections.

    • "Brilliant" texture includes a sparkle effect for added visual appeal.

  5. Versatile

    • Microspheric adhesive properties allow performance across various primers and paints, including LOW VOC paints.

    • Grips surfaces better than many other self-adhesive vinyls.

  6. Slip-Rated

    • Caviar and Ravello products are slip-resistant and safe for use on both walls and floors.

    • Certified with Pendulum AS HB198:2014 and ANSI A137.1/A326.3 tests.

  7. Fire-Rated

    • Meets ASTM E84-Class A and ASTM E648-Class 1 fire safety standards.

  8. Made in the USA

    • All DreamScape products are proudly manufactured in the USA.


Ready to Wrap Your World?

Experience the superior quality & versatility of DreamScape Wall+Floor Wraps for your next project!

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